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Thread: Taigu returns to Japan

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    Taigu returns to Japan

    Ok, time to pack. Tonight I will sit with people I used to sit with 30 years ago, invited to teach by one of the most important and dynamic Zen centres of France in Lille.

    It was yesterday. I was a student in UNi. A few kilos of my skeleton. My mind was full of ideas and conceptions and , well, I managed to loose just a few since then. Still pretty cluttered though. Couyld do without the extra weight :lol:

    The retreat was an amazing moment. Just as amazing as all our other gatherings beyond time and space.
    A big thank you to Shawn technical support and care and much much more! The pics and vids might give you an idea of the atmosphere of the whole thing.
    Another big one to Jinyu who we managed to meet beyond differences and difficulties.
    A warm hug to my brother Mongen and his impeccable teaching.
    A great thank to Myoku, Dokan and Myozan and their patience
    Rimon is an amazing person, so completely dedicated. Your cooking is a real gift. Please, open a thread with your recipes!!! :wink:

    I will resume my dokusan as from next Tuesday evening.
    Soon, working less I will take the time to sew more and share. And find a way to live.
    No fear. No real worry.
    This pearl, as-it-is, is perfect kingdom for the dragon.



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    Re: Taigu returns to Japan

    Hello Taigu,

    have a good journey home.

    Sitting with people you first sat with 30 years ago must feel strange indeed. Or so I imagine.

    I'm only 33 years old in total, but already I get...well...nostalgic is the wrong word....maybe the Japanese expression "mono no aware" is more like it....every time I meet someone I haven't seen for over a decade.

    Another feeling pointing to the oddness and mystery of things.

    Thank you once more for your great presence and dedication that made this retreat so deeply authentic.

    Bows and gassho,

    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Re: Taigu returns to Japan

    Safe journey home. Thank you for your teaching and generosity: in Belgium as here online, all year round.
    Myozan Kodo

    PS And deep bows to Hans for sharing his experience ... and to all my other friends in the Dharma.

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    Re: Taigu returns to Japan

    I would like to thank you all who attended the retreat for sharing your photographs and experiences. It was clearly an amazing gathering, I am really happy for each of you, and for those of us who did not attend, as it means our Sangha continues to strengthen and grow!

    One thing that really made an impression on me: the smiles and obvious happiness/enjoyment/lightness on everyone's part. Our practice can be a happy one, along with its serious nature - There is enough sourness and hardness in life.... Bravo all!

    Awesome Kesa Taigu!

    A deep gassho,

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    Re: Taigu returns to Japan

    Quote Originally Posted by Taigu
    Rimon is an amazing person, so completely dedicated. Your cooking is a real gift. Please, open a thread with your recipes!!! :wink:
    You are the amazing one!
    And the recipes are really nothing special I'll try to make sense of them and put them into more or less reasonable English here



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