A mothers daily conduct.

I would like to bring up an talk one of the priests of Treeleaf did a while ago, about motherly heart, plz watch it again.

Other than that i have nothing to say but a question, (1) what makes your mother so great?

My two teachers

I am just an Unsui, but i have no trouble with people calling me teacher or sensei or padre or onshi or whatever. For me it isn't a problem, as it might be for some, as it lies in the intent and where the word originated from. If the word originated from the so called teacher, i believe they missed the mark, if it came from the students, it hit Bulls eye. I revere alot of people as my teachers. Some of them even here on Treeleaf.
And i like doing things for them, both standing in front of a crowd or doing things in the background, just to be able to give something back.

(2)Think of a person you regard as one of your teachers and try and say why you regard them as such.
(3)What/how can you do to repay/give something back to them?

Thank you for your practice.