Hi all,

I want everybody to use this thread as from now.
Please Jinyu feel free to join at anytime when-if you feel better.
For now we have to pretend Jinyu won't be with us ( we wish he would) but because we haven't heard of him, we need to move on.


Bring oryoki if you have one ( we will do the simple procedure we did for Rohatsu)
Bring everything to keep you warm in and out of sitting
extra blankets, zafuton and zafu please! (better to have plenty than to lack a few)
we need a small buddha statue, two candle holders and 4 white candles, a nice flower for the altar too (orchid)
we also need a fee incense bowls for two extra altars, Jizo and Kannon
If you have a han , wood struck to let people know about zazen, please bring it.
If you have an hand bell for waking people, bring it.
Bring mokugyo and drum if you can ( i cannot if i travel by train )
i need an old razor with a blade for Tokudo and Jukai
we need clappers in wood for evenings and oryoki
the food will be simple, no fuss.
I don't know about the money situation...We ll see :?
Everybody coming should NOW post here and say when there are coming and get in touch with Hans for lifts or plan how to get there....
Anybody ales can help with lifts from station or airport to abbey?
I will give you soon my mobile number ( I have to ressurect an old international phone of mine)

my number and address in France will be as from Tuesday next week:
tel: 03 27 77 95 32
: Monsieur et Madame BRUNELET
25 Route de Prisches
59550 LE FAVRIL France

No dokusan for the two next weeks on skype

gassho to all and speak to you soon.