What are they?

What I mean is this - Christianity is totally different than Buddhism in a lot of ways - so is Islam, Hinduism, and heck - many of the different paths in Buddhism are pretty radically different. And yet, especially when you hear Jundo talk about them, there's very little animosity. He doesn't say Pure Land - let alone Christianity - is 'wrong'...just that it's not our Soto way. This is good...heck, this is great!!!

I'm thinking about this because of a post on Brad's blog about Genpo Roshi....and I'm thinking about Hans and how much he probably agrees with it (if he's read it)...and how it is that many of us would agree with it. In fact, I feel this way, although not very energetically. And yet, in my head, I can't help thinking that the most deluded Buddhist teacher like Genpo is still more beneficial, more truth-serving, than any Christian teaching I've ever heard. So why am I so offended by Genpo and not as offended by Christianity? Is it because hitting a cul-de-sac so close to truth is more dangerous than those more obviously off-base? I mean, I think about Theism and how alien it seems to me as regards the actual state of things....but I can't get myself as worked up about it as I can about situations like Genpo's and I wonder why...