As a kid I used to play the guitar, but I gave it up because I wasn't very good.
As an adult I tinker with the harmonica, much simpler than the guitar, but I am still not very good, so it mostly sits in a drawer.
I like women, but establishing intimate relationships with them has never worked out well, so I have stopped trying.
I like to write stories, but my career as a short story or novel writer never took off because of all the rejections.
There's probably something else, but I can't think of it right now.
What do all these things have in common?
Being more clear, chasing and not catching.
In other words, by establishing goals I set up the duality of reaching those goals, but didn't.
Sitting here tonight I realize that the goals were never the problem, it was the chasing.
In other words, desire lead to dukka.
To be clear, my dukka came from the chasing of those goals.
Oh, that's just so strange, because I associate all those goals with pleasure, not displeasure.
Where is the duality?
Where is the letting go of the duality?
Such a life puzzle is this Path.

What's your version of this story?