Parentental Mind

Referencing Master Dogen's Instructions for the Cook this bit we are invited to see both sides of the same coin. To pay the same respect, attention and care to all things as we would our own children, our life blood or our own eyes. Admittedly there are times in my life I wish I could muster that thought BEFORE I reacted to some situations - weather they were seemingly negative or positive. This always strikes me, simple yet very important.

Request: (more than a question) Thinking back an keeping the very important passage in your thoughts, when have thought you had done right by some one or situation, and come to find out otherwise?
You may share that if you would like.

Question: thinking of that situation above, we often would not jump on it and say it, and immediately call ourselves carelessness, indifference of the other person we often say ah it was a simple mistake... most would agree a mistake, if so time you are on the seeming receiving end of another beings mistake... could you let it go, and step back and see your part in it?

Magnanimous Mind

Had to look up that word. Magnanimous.

Question: Did you have to look this one up too? (do not feel you need to answer though, just think about it )

Now with this I thought right along with Shundo as she said...would she moan or would she gladly take on the tasks. The minute I stop moaning about any task...which... yes, I do moan over some, the easier it is to just do... wiping smelly backsides, scrubbing the toilets, emptying the cat box (litter boxes) or piling in the winters wood.

What things in your life to you run into/stumble over when its time to perform them/interact with them? How do you deal with them?
Could this approach of no high or low work for these things you struggle with?

Moving right along here thinking of the bit of the Tenzo Kyokun about using what is at hand with out looking for commiserating over what is present nor celebrating it, I made a lunch for my self during the practice partner exercise one year out of not quite spoiled/not fresh vegetables and ingredients that blew my socks off.. not because it was Chef Ramsey caliber...but because when I let go of Good and Bad it was tasty, healthy and well it highlighted my like/dislikes were still very strong... and just how wasteful it was.

What other situations could you arouse this thinking in your life? If you do so already please share how you do and with what situations.

Well share anything you wish that struck you in these two bit of reading...there is much more to discuss than what is above.

My wife just read that foot rub thing and is demanding I do the same :twisted: