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Thread: Meditation bench question

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    Meditation bench question

    Has anyone tried a meditation bench like this?

    It has rounded feet, which means that it's inherently unstable. I can't sit on a cushion easily, and I've tried other benches in the past which don't "rock" like this one, and I'm wondering if this is easier or harder to sit with because of its dynamic nature.

    No, there's no way I can try it out before buying...

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    Re: Meditation bench question

    I woiuldn't mind trying out this one: ... me/3140680

    $42 is not bad if you didn't end not caring for it.

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    Re: Meditation bench question

    I've used both. I didn't find the rounded bottom one very comfortable, especially on surfaces which allow it to slip.
    The pedestal type was quite good for sitting seiza.
    My favourite, though, is an old table top book shelf (turned upside down) made in a shop class many years ago from about 3 feet of 1"X6" pine. It's seat is 21" wide. The bookends are the legs. They leave 6" clearance for my legs. Actually, it is stable enough to sit either seiza or Burmese. Not much work or maintenance. It took about 3 cuts to make and it was glued/nailed together in 1963. Still sitting on it. I gave the pedestal away to someone but threw out the one with hinges and rounded legs.

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    Re: Meditation bench question

    I am with Engyo on the rounded leg one. My shakuhachi sensei has this for our lessons which resemble a dokusan session. (with all the formality of bows, bells and incense). We sit for an hour per week on them so I have some experience and I find i am constantly adjusting.

    Its ok for shakuhachi practice but zazen i think would have trouble with it. Just my 2.


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