Koan practice is not emphasized in this Sangha, but they are still an interesting part of the Zen tradition. Even in the Soto tradition. The Record of Transmitting the Light, almost every line in the Shobogenzo, can be worked on, or seen as Koans. Yet, we do not work with koans in the traditional way, we work on them through "just sitting" Yet, even our practice of Shinkantaza, is a Koan. How does one seek a goal-less goal? How do we attain non-attainment? One moment of practice is one moment of enlightenment... :shock: Really? sitting in zazen, cursing and hating the world is a manifestation of the Buddha's love and compassion? :?: :?: ...

The precepts are koans...how to do we practice them, how do we live them? What are they?

Life itself is anything but a Koan. How do we see it?

"Who am I?" "Who are you?" How can we begin to answer them?

How do you deal with the everyday Koans of life?

How do you deal with the Koans that Ango is throwing at us?

How do you deal with yourself and the world?

Here is a video on Koan that I found from Zen Teacher Dae Kwang
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