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Thread: Weeding The Garden

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    Weeding The Garden

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their experience with the "Nurturing Seeds" practice offered here at Treeleaf...?

    This is a practice that I read about and thought, "How nice." But I never actually put my tools in the dirt. I have just recently begun to include this practice in my daily life due to anxiety attacks. I've got some worms in the dirt. And weeds too.

    Let me just say, this is a marvelous practice. It took some "real" suffering in my own mind for me to take this practice seriously. It has not let me down. For me, the miracle occurs in that exhalation, when I have pulled up the thought of panic (or fear or anger or whatever) and I just leg go with my out-breath, feeling as if the opposite thought/emotion was literally taking root and growing in my mind. I just let go. And in that letting go there is the possibility for something new to happen, something fresh.

    What are your experiences with this practice? Just curious. I've learned so much from everyone here and I'm sure that your response can only add to my pratice.


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    Re: Weeding The Garden

    Greg, nicely expressed! I have tried working with this for PPE, and I am having a little difficulty. I'm going to try visualizing how you are visualizing and breathing! Gassho, Grace.

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    Re: Weeding The Garden


    A few of us posted some thoughts on this during one of the PPEs a couple weeks back in case you didn't see it:



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    Re: Weeding The Garden


    As a matter of fact, I did miss it ops:

    Thanks for the link.


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