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    Prayer Request

    Today, my father-in-law passed away, after years of pretty intense health problems. I would like to ask that the sangha keep him, my wife (his daughter), and her brother in your prayers. He had a difficult life, and my wife was very close to him, especially towards the end. I would like to ask that he be remembered when you pray for compassion for all beings, and with joy that his suffering is now done. I would also ask that you keep my wife Maria in your prayers for compassion and loving kindness, she will need all the support she can get.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Hi Chris,

    My condolences to you and your wife for your loss and all of you will be in my thoughts and metta.

    Deep bows to you and your family, and to all who have experienced loss today and every day.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Hey Chris.

    Sorry to hear the bad news. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Dear Chris,

    We will dedicate our Zazenkai this week to your father-in-law, wife and family, and all families encountering the death of someone they love. Peace to all.

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Hello Chris,

    my condolences. I wish you and your family all the strength needed to truly work your way through this painful situation.


    Hans Chudo Mongen

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    Re: Prayer Request

    I will keep you and your family in my best thoughts. My deepest condolences for your family.

    Take very good care of each other

    deep bows

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    Re: Prayer Request


    My condolences for the loss in your family.
    May you and your family find peace and solace in each other.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Will do.. I'm sorry to hear that news, and much metta to you and your family.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. Please accept my condolences at your loss, and my well wishes to you, your wife, her brother and mother. I will dedicate tonight and tomorrows zazen in his memory.

    Yours in the Sangha,

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Comfort, solace, and deep abiding peace to you and your family.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    don't pray but offer many condolences to you and yours. stay strong.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Peace to all.
    This coming retreat, in December, we will dedicate our sitting and singing to your family.



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    Re: Prayer Request

    Dear Heitetsu,

    My heart goes out to you and your family during this very difficult time.
    I'll dedicate my sit tonight in memory of your father in law and for healing to come to Maria and her brother _/_


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    Re: Prayer Request

    My deepest condolences to you, your wife and family. You will all be in my prayers during this evening's zazen. Your wife and family will be in my thoughts and practice, as will all who suffer loss. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Sorry to hear about that, Chris. May you and yours be safe and still.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Very sorry for your loss, Heitetsu. I will keep y'all in my prayers.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    when faced with loss, I like to read/chant The Five Remembrances. I have posted this before and have referred to it on several threads.

    If you are not familiar with it, Chris, I hope that it is for you the comfort that it is for me.

    The Five Remembrances*

    (from the Upajjhatthana Sutra)

    I am of the nature to grow old.
    There is no way to escape growing old.
    I am of the nature to have ill-health.
    There is no way to escape having ill health.
    I am of the nature to die.
    There is no way to escape death.
    All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change.
    There is no way to escape being separated from them.
    My deeds are my closest companions.
    I am the beneficiary of my deeds. My deeds are the ground on which I stand.

    Birth will end in death.
    Youth will end in old age.
    Meetings will end in separation.
    All things in cyclic existence are transient, are impermanent.

    The Buddhas cannot wash our sins with water.
    They cannot remove our suffering with their hands.
    They cannot transfer their insights to us.
    All they can do is teach the Dharma.
    I am my own protector.

    * copied from a blog dated 7/28/08, source of this particular translation not cited

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    Re: Prayer Request

    The Dharma has removed the physical pain of your father in law and provided cherished memories of him to help you all find peace. My sitting today will be dedicated to those cherished memories and the peace of your family. My condolences
    gassho shogen

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    Re: Prayer Request


    My condolences, metta to you and your family. May you all reach that point of acceptance and peace.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Very sorry to hear, peace to you and your family.
    Gassho ~ Dave.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    I pray for healing for you and your family.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Dear Chris
    Deep sympathy and much metta to your wife and family.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    My condolences, Chris, to you and your family.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    My thanks to everyone. My wife will be touched by the sentiment. Truly I am blessed with a wonderful buddhist family in the members of this sangha.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    My thoughts are with your family.

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    Re: Prayer Request

    Chris, all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for your family's loss. May the comfort of your memories overcome your grief quickly. Gassho, Grace.

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    Re: Prayer Request


    I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. Your wife and family are in my metta/prayers! Take care of each other.


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    Re: Prayer Request

    Sorry for your loss. My sitting this week will be dedicated to you and your family

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