Hi all,

I would like to thank Rimon, Hans, Shawn,Fugen and his friend and Soen for their positive answer. I would like these people to really commit to this retreat and come whatever. We should be at least seven because Shohei cannot make it. Peter Lin, are you still with us? Let us know asap, please.
jinyu being with us, we should be eight or nine. All we need now is Jinyu to deliver and do what he said he was going to do.
I am willing to have some clear indication of where we can meet, how we can get people to the place and stuff about the retreat itself ( any other participants? ).

If we cannot make it to Bruxels we will sit in Germany. But. I would rather not, I would like to ease the journey for everybody, especially for the guys coming from a long way ( America or Japan).

So be it. Jinyu : WAKE UP !!!