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Thread: Transforming criticism

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    Transforming criticism

    The Dalai Lama said: "If we really stop to think about praise and criticism, we will see they do not have the least importance. Whether we receive praise or criticism is of no account. The only important thing is that we have a pure motivation, and let the law of cause and effect be our witness. If we are really honest, we can see that it makes no difference whether we receive praise and acclaim. The whole world might sing our praises, but if we have done something wrong, then we will still have to suffer the consequences for ourselves, and we cannot escape them. If we act only out of a pure motivation, all the beings of the three realms can criticize and rebuke us, but none of them will be able to cause us to suffer. According to the law of karma, each and every one of us must answer individually for our actions.
    I say transform that criticism. If I'm a knob, then this is the kind of (door) knob I want to be.

    How does this apply to recent events? Some people criticize Treeleaf and some praise it.
    Let it all go. Transcend it all. Rise above it, or go below it, or sidestep it, or whatever. Just don't get caught by it.
    And as the DL says above, all we can do is to (not)try to have pure motivation.

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Beautiful! _/_

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    The DL and the AL speak Wisdom. Words to keep in one's heart.

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Amazing _/_

    Ya gotta love that door knob :lol:

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    well said Alan, thank you (and for the reminder too)


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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Interesting... the path of the Middle Way has no forks marked by praise or criticism.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Al (Jigen)
    Words well worth keeping. Thank you Shogen

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Wonderful, I have been sitting on a draft response to all the recent commentary on Treeleaf and our teachers. Never felt comfortable with what I was trying to say,
    You nailed it. Just pushed the deleate button, nothing to say,


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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Thank you for this. I read it earlier today, and it has become a very important lesson for me, for I'm overcome lately with a fear of causing criticism unto myself for various reasons.

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    Re: Transforming criticism

    Quote Originally Posted by AlanLa
    Some people criticize Treeleaf and some praise it.
    What people say about the weather changes//varies too :roll:

    who cares


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