To clarify for those unfamiliar with US idioms, a "keeper" is something that you once thought was temporary or provisional but that you come to decide is worth keeping around. I thought I'd see who else is thinking of folding some of his or her ango commitments into their post-ango practice.

Me? Well, I'd like to think that I'll stay clear of donuts post-ango. We'll see about that. Ahem.

The one thing I'm certain to keep is the brief midday sit on workdays. I've consistently been able to sit zazen for ten minutes every M-F since ango started, and I now have a couple of spots to choose from. I've even got a little cardboard mat I can sit on when the ground or cement is moist. Today was the first day I've missed since starting, thanks to a string of really difficult situations, and as soon as I got into my car to pick up my younger daughter at school, I found the first spot to pull over and do an improvised car-seat sit. That's when I realized that, yep, the midday sit was a keeper.

How about other folks? Anyone else finding ango components that they'll be sticking with?