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    Do Not ZZZ

    Came across this strange website while searching for something else. Obviously quite old from the coding, but quite bizarre little interactive video when you click "Enter"

    :?: :?: :?:

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    Re: Do Not ZZZ

    Waow! :shock:
    This old thing was my first contact with Zen... something like 10 or 12 years ago!
    I was a Nyingma ( Tibetan Vajrayana) practitioner when I was adolescent and this Rinzai approach seemed so bizarre that I only got back into Zen and Chan two or three years later!

    Thank you so much for this... I totally forgot about all this until I saw your post!
    And I must say the main page tastes like a "Madeleine de Proust" ... I was back in the days for some seconds...

    Have a great day everyone!
    Deep deep gassho,
    Jinyu ( Yao Xin - Fa Miao - Luis ... the same adolescent in front of his computer... but smiling and enjoying his widely open and beautiful Treeleaf Sangha! Thank you to be here everyone!)

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