An Eye Opening

A Buddhist monk visited Zen Master Pai-Chang and asked , “What is the most splendid thing in the world?” The Zen master answered, “Sitting alone as a great mountain, as I am doing right now.”

Sitting alone as a great mountain – Zazen - What am I doing right now! – Awareness

Question: On the smallest level you can give an example of how your increased awareness has helped someone or something.

Neglect is the Road to Death

In this reading Aoyama urges us to really live our life by paying attention to the smallest parts and investigation purpose. A life dedicated to life. She quotes Zen Master Kodo Sawaki who says, “We should make every moment of life worthwhile. Just eating and sleeping, living without purpose, and dying in that state makes us human manure producing machines.”

Ayoma continues saying, that she wants us to look at a higher level living.

Two questions:
1. Is a life without purpose neglect?
2. What does it mean to you to really live and not just exist?