You Are Now at Your Youngest

If I would have read this essay ten years ago, in my early twenties, I don't think it would have had the same impact. Now, even still relatively young in my early 30s, the signs of aging are already setting in. Most of my hair is gone, I'm out of shape, I've got a bad knee, ankle, and shoulder, etc. etc. Everyone says "it only gets worse from there!" Perhaps... but what can you do? There is only now.

There is a such a wide age range in our Sangha, so I am interested to ask: How do you feel about your current age, and how has your practice shaped or changed your feelings about aging, if at all?

Hearing the Wind in the Pines

"The voice of the wind in the pines is the most beautiful sound there is." -- but only if you truly listen. Any sound can be a beautiful sound if you truly listen. It is only the vibration of membrane and bones in your ears... your perception makes it beautiful or strident.

Listen to something you normally dislike. Can you hear its beauty?