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Thread: A Splendid Dana Opportunity (Plug plug plug)

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    A Splendid Dana Opportunity (Plug plug plug)

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm posting this here because I feel like this forum gets more traffic than the engaged one. So, I'm here to tell you about an awesome organization I'm involved in.

    LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) is a national non-profit that works to rescue North Korean refugees who are attempting to defect from North Korea or who have defected and are currently hiding in China. Often pidgeon-holed under to face of Kim Jong-Il and nuclear weapons, North Korea is experiencing one of the largest human right's crises in history. The severe restriction on personal freedoms aside, the country is facing another huge famine that goes largely unreported in the national media. Citizens who attempt to flee to find food or work, even with the full intention of returning, are executed or imprisoned for life. Those who do manage to escape live in hiding in China who, despite a signature on international legislation that forbids the return of refugees to a home-country that would do them harm, has begun an active campaign to find and return North Koreans across the border where they face the same harsh punishment detailed above. A majority of the refugees in China are women who resort to working in the sex trade or are forcibly trafficked by international sex-dealers.

    LiNK works to safely get North Koreans out of North Korea, through China, and into safe third countries where they are provided with food, clothing, shelter, and basic job training skills that will allow them to begin a new life in a free country.

    I know times are tough these days economically, but it takes $2500 to provide all of these services for one refugee. LiNK in the process of rescuing 49 more on top of the 51 refugees already rescued in their most recent campaign alone. It's my personal goal to raise $50 to help support the rescue of another individual (the chapter at my school has raised over $200) and I would truly appreciate the support. But if I reach my goal, I'm not trying to stop there!

    My donation page can be found at the following URL

    And if you would like more information on LiNK, it's mission, and their work please have a look at:

    Thanks so much

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    Re: A Splendid Dana Opportunity (Plug plug plug)

    Thanks for the info, Taylor. I've been trying to figure out whether I'm going to donate to a single charity this year, or spread the funds over a couple. This seems like a worthy cause. Also, their t-shirts are fancy.


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