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    Metta WorldPeace

    Buddhism is getting some free publicity.
    Ron Artest is out and 'Metta World Peace' is in.

    While NBA superstar Ron Artest will swap the basketball court for the ballroom floor, joining this season of "Dancing with the Stars" next week, he made a bigger change by switching names.

    A Los Angeles court made the change official Friday and Artest is now 'Metta World Peace.'

    "Metta" is a Buddhist term meaning loving, kindness - an enlightened choice for a player known for his violent basketball brawls.
    from -

    Since the infamous brawl he's done lots of good things, but those positive actions doesn't get nearly the media attention. It's much easier to deride him for that and giggle about him for this. Anyway, I hope he lives up to his new name, if that's even possible. But hey, there's nothing wrong with trying to attain the unattainable, right?

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    Re: Metta WorldPeace

    Ron Artest is out and 'Metta World Peace' is in.
    Darn it! I was going to request this as my Dharma name for this years Jukai! :lol:
    Nice to see you around Alan


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    Re: Metta WorldPeace

    Quote Originally Posted by JRBrisson
    Nice to see you around Alan



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