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    For anyone that has an interest, Ancient Dragon Zen Gate has a series of podcasts about Genjokoan. The presenter is Shohaku Okumura, the author of "Realizing Genjokoan" (on the Treeleaf booklist). They are up to #5 and it's about 9 hours of talks. You can find them by doing a search on iTunes for.....Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Dharma Talks.


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    Re: Genjokoan

    Wondreful news, thank you!



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    Re: Genjokoan

    Awesome Ron! Thanks for sharing, I'll download them today


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    Re: Genjokoan

    Thank you for sharing Ron!



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    Re: Genjokoan

    Thanks, that's a wonderful book. Downloading now.

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    I've gotta get that book too. It's on iBooks... ugh here goes my commitment to only reading what we're reading in the book club. I'm totally giving up my responsibility and blaming you all. hahaahha

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    Re: Genjokoan

    Wow, thanks for the tip! I am in the middle of his book right now. Such a wonderful read. I'm very grateful that he is so open about the contradictions in Dogen's writings.

    P.S. Here is the direct RSS for those who don't use iTunes: ... odcast.rss

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    Hi All,

    Taigu Sensei has this wonderful looking series(which I just discovered this morning!) on the Genjo Koan
    Looking forward to checking them all out!


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    Nice! Thanks for this!!


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    Cool. Also available on Pocket Casts via Android phones.

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    as I read it: Dogen says that birth does not become death, but firewood does become ash. Nishiari says if questioned, ash would not believe it was once a piece of solid wood. neither, for that matter would tofu believe it ever had the form of a bean.

    Dogen says and Nishiari agrees that one may think birth/ firewood/ (bean) is before and death/ ash/ (tofu) is after, but this would be a wrong view.
    "although before and after exist, past and future are cut off" says Master Dogen.

    Dogen seems to reference (and acknowledge) the one-way direction of the arrow of time in the cases of birth/death and firewood/ash, saying that after death one isn't born again and that ash cannot become firewood again.

    similarly, he says that winter isn't the beginning of spring, nor summer the end of spring.

    all dharmas appear to hold their positions, except when they don't.

    I'm wondering why firewood has this capacity of metamorphising into ash that other materials, states of being and time (seasons, human life) do not.

    more light please? thanks, gassho,

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    and neither are they otherwise.

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