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    Re: Kesa

    Taigu-sensei; Thank you

    "And the Buddha was happy !"


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    Re: Kesa

    With much respect,

    Can a men sew a Kesa without been ordinated as a monk?
    to give it to someone from the sangha,
    or to give it to the Sangha itself, (uses for pillars in the zendo)
    or just to keep it...

    why would I like to sew it?
    - to obtain the art of the Kesa and his sewing
    (like how it is put together)
    - to develop in sewing dots and technique
    (the Rakusu is limited)
    - to obtain, understand and experience the Kesa dharma
    - and just because I like to do it.

    why the question?
    I did hear that the first Kesa you sew
    is the Kesa used for your ordination,
    and I also like to hear other opinions about that

    extra info:
    the Rakusu I wear is not my first, but second Rakusu
    the first one i did give away to a Non,
    because she needed it, she can not sew it herself
    also because we attach ourselves to our first sewing,
    and I just like to sew

    I am going to ask my Master/Teacher the same question
    in the autumn sesshin this November
    and also to request permission to have one sewing without ordination.

    thank you for reading.

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    Re: Kesa

    Kesa is the robe of sitting,
    Kesa is the true robe of every single Buddha,
    sometimes a kesa can be given to a person outside Jukai or Tokudo,
    if you follow the Japanese Soto rules, one cannot
    if you follow Buddha's direction, one can
    Both are right
    in Nyohoe tradition,
    The whole universe is already a kesa
    you may cover cats, dogs, fools and wise people
    with it
    no problem



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    Re: Kesa

    thank you for your answer

    i could give it to someone already ordinated as a gift
    or if he/she needs to replace one, like i did with the Rakusu.

    but what about the sewing of the Kesa
    can i sew a Kesa without been ordinated as monk
    or without planning to do so?

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    Re: Kesa

    In the nyohoe tradition, you may ask for your teacher's permission, namely ask Yuno. Everybody may wear a kesa, but nowdays it is a bit complicated because most Zen teachers in the West follow the Sotoshu rules.



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    Re: Kesa

    Quote Originally Posted by Taigu
    ...most Zen teachers in the West follow the Sotoshu rules.
    And also do Master Yuno..

    i will ask him begin November (sesshin)

    Thank you Rev.Taigu

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    Re: Kesa

    hello followers,

    I have just returned from the sesshin
    and there is a great solution for my question:
    "sewing a kesa without ordination"

    an cermonial kesa (nine band) for a Sangha member
    so I can also learn and experience the teachings of the kesa
    we talked about ordination itself too
    but for that it is to early ( +/-2 years)

    I did wear for the first time an kesa,
    as a pillar in the zendo,
    a rich experience and a immens energy,
    it's a lot different from a rakusu
    since you are completely wrapped in it.

    next sesshin is in February 2012

    Thanks for listening

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    Re: Kesa


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    Merci Taigu. la couture du Késa est une pratique... comme zazen et bien à prendre comme telle. C'est aussi un bon "moyen" de retrouver l'esprit du débutant pour ceux qui pratiquent zazen depuis longtemps

    Le secret consiste donc seulement à dire "OUI" et à se jeter dans le vide. Dès lors, il n'y a plus de problème. Il s'agit d'être soi-même dans l'instant présent, toujours soi-même, sans s'accrocher à son vieux moi.
    Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

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