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Thread: Interesting article about mindfulness et al

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    Interesting article about mindfulness et al

    A long, rambling article, that tries to cover a lot of ground, but gets a bit lost in verbiage. However, there's an interesting discussion of mindfulness, what it is, and how it's marketed as an "elixir," along with this paragraph which is quite thought-provoking:

    "All of this boils down to the question of what motivates our practice to begin with. Why practice at all, unless one is seeking medicine for spiritual unease and the unsatisfactoriness of oneís life? If the Dharma isnít authentic medication for that, what use is it? Does it provide us with a way of being that feels more authentic and vital? Does it help us to develop awareness and equanimity? Does it help us in becoming less self-centered? Does it assist us in exploring our narrative of who we are and the way we construe the world? Do we become more compassionate in the process? These are all meaningful questions. We all have skin in this game. We are in it because we are seeking something. If some people who have been at this longer than us report that joy is part of what we might find at the bottom of the well, is that somehow magically illegitimate? Is that hucksterism? Is that wishful thinking? Why not include that in the list of things we may just discover if we persist in our practice?"

    I've posted before about my feeling regarding the Tibetan tradition and it's focus on "happiness," and I find the questions raised in this article to be worth cogitating.

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    Re: Interesting article about mindfulness et al


    yes, I think our practice should open us to being more at ease, feeling more equanimity, compassion and happiness. If not, it probably should be a sign that we might be doing something wrong. Then again thereīs those ups and downs that are part of being a human.

    And maybe you could link to the article?


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    Re: Interesting article about mindfulness et al

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