Dear Leafers,

I am going up with a local group that travels from time to time to do some volunteer Tsunami clean-up in one of the towns that was swept away, and so the ZAZENKAI THIS WEEK will be at the following times (led by Fugen, from Sweden). Note that the times have been changed from our normal schedule:

2 pm Swedish/Paris time, 1 pm London time, New York 8am and LA 5am, Japan 9pm ... all on SATURDAY, September 3rd.

As well, this will be a 90-minute Zazenkai, and our 4-hour monthly Zazenkai will be moved back one week to September 10th.

Also ...



I originally was going to celebrate the start of Ango at the Zazenkai. HOWEVER, I WILL NOW CELEBRATE THE COMBINED 'OFFICIAL' START OF JUKAI AT ONE MONTHLY ZAZENKAI on Sept. 10th. I will mark the START OF ANGO WITH A SIMPLE 'SIT-A-LONG TALK LATER THIS WEEK.

During Ango, I will offer a series of Sit-a-Long talks on the Shin Shin Ming (信???) ... 'Verses on the Trusting/Confident/Faithful Mind' ... one of the foundational teachings ... the Foundation of all Foundations ... of this Way, traditionally attributed to the Third Chinese Zen/Chan Patriarch Jianzhi Sengcan ?' (d. 606).

The wiki listing is pretty good ...

I will primarily be using a wonderful translation by Richard Clarke, but with other translators' versions where appropriate. I will post the text at the time. ... -Hsin-Ming

Gassho, Jundo