Everyone is in the palm of the Buddha's hand & Four ways of seeing water

A couple of decades ago some one came up with Nuclear power, and later they used it to bomb two cities and in the process made an progess towards an end of some parts of the WWII.
Nuclear power was also used to make nuclear plants, and some time ago, we witnessed an nuclear incident in Japan, with an aftermath still unclear.

Its all interconnected, or as someone around here always says "Its all good practice."
What becomes of it is up to...

And only you can know what the taste of the orange in your mouth, be it a precious pearl, a palace, blood or just an orange .
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1. A deed a day
With the Ango and Practicepartnerexcercises coming up, here's an assignment and a question.
Go out and make an good deed.
How did it feel?

2.Whats in a phrase?
Around Treeleaf there's an guy that has an catchphrase, ”Its all good Practice ”.
Another catchphrase is ”Just do it”
Now, write down and share an mantra or catchphrase that works for you or has done something for you.
What does it mean for you and why did you pick it?

And a treat (its Shundo Aoyama doing the ceremonies)...
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