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Thread: Zazen Google+

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    Zazen Google+

    Anyone else using Google+ from Treeleaf other than:

    ** Edit ** - Removed the names to protect the innocent. Was going to make a list, but then realized that everyone has at least two, sometimes three names! Was too much of a headache so just used the pictures instead.

    It has been great for our daily zazen meetups via the Hangout feature

    If anyone hasn't signed up and wants to check it is an open invite: ... 9cquYnJG2A



    PS - The first one is my wife...while not on the Treeleaf forum, you are welcome to add her of course.

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    Re: Zazen Google+

    As you know, I use Hangouts everyday at the break of dawn for my zazen... but I don't think I am on the calendar. How does it work?

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    Re: Zazen Google+

    Just FYI, that link there shows our real names and this isn't the locked forum. In case anybody's touchy about that.



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    Re: Zazen Google+

    Yikes! So sorry!

    Edited and removed now.

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    Re: Zazen Google+

    BTW I feel pretty stupid but how do you get a hangout going? I tried doing "Start a Hangout" yesterday, sat for 20 minutes (with the sad robot :cry: ) but when I was done it didn't show up in my stream that I hung out.


    The n00b

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    Re: Zazen Google+

    That's actually correct...just nobody joined you. The typical method that I use is to:

    - Start the Hangout
    - Set the people I want to hang out with to "Treeleaf" circle (yours of course may be different)
    - Then start the hangout
    - Go back to the page (on the other screen) and add a comment of "Zazen"
    - In this way, not only are you telling others why you are hanging out, but also it'll keep it on your thread.
    - I also have used Suizen (for when I play shakuhachi) and Sewing.



    PS - May be quite early, but Choco, Roky & I have been sitting together almost every morning at 5:30 or 6am CDT.

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    Re: Zazen Google+


    I usually keep track of google+ and sit there from time to time, as many others from treeleaf do, in my experience.
    And don't worry about noone joining you, remember, when we drop all thought of 'here' 'there' 'now' 'then' ... we are sitting all together!


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    Re: Zazen Google+

    Quote Originally Posted by chocobuda
    As you know, I use Hangouts everyday at the break of dawn for my zazen... but I don't think I am on the calendar. How does it work?
    Hey Choco,

    Just send me in PM or in G+ your email address and I can add you to the list. After that you can edit the calendar

    Treeleaf Sitting Schedule

    and then enter in when you will sit.



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    Re: Zazen Google+

    I just signed up on Google+.


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    Re: Zazen Google+

    I clicked that link, it says I do not have permission to view it..?

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    Re: Zazen Google+

    Sorry about that...I added you last night but then forgot to click "Save".

    However, you should have been able to view it regardless, thought it was public.


    Just checked it and it's been made non-public. Maybe Shohei changed it.

    Anywho, you should have now access.



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    Re: Zazen Google+

    Works, Thankyou


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