Hi All,

I have a decent size library of books on, well, everything. I am also a used books junkie, spending hours perusing my local used bookstores. After finding a couple copies of Opening the Hand of Thought in my library I began to wonder if others may have a desire to do some sort of book exchange. Now, for full disclosure, I have some level of attachment to my library. I find some level of peace just looking at all the books I have (and maybe more the case, haven't) read.

So to start, I am going to put together a Google Docs spreadsheet of what I have and will link it back here sometime this week. If you are interested in one of the books, please just let me know and it's yours. All I would ask is that you pass-it-on when you are done with it.

Here's the link and I will continue to update the books I have. I will stay on topic however and keep them to Buddhism and it's related topics.

Treeleaf Library

In my list I have listed both Available & Unavailable books. Unavailable means that:

1. I'm reading or have yet to read it.
2. I would like to have it back but may lend it to you.
3. I don't want to share/give the book away, but can dig into it if you need an excerpt or research information.

Any suggestions are welcomed on how to work this...I'm just shooting from the hip here.

Finally, I put my books in a "Shawn" tab (at the bottom). Will do likewise for anyone else who has some to share...so you know who to PM.


Shawn the Librarian