It accord to me last night driving home from work that saying Zazen is first enlightenment is spot on. I came to meditation before I came to Buddhism. Buddhism I find is the truest attempt to explain all that comes from meditation, or Zazen. But the essence is the just sitting.

So if Zazen is first enlightenment, why get up?

The only rational I could think of is what I called second enlightenments, which would be doing the dishes, making breakfast, going for a walk, dealing and or talking with people. All the things that come with life being honestly experienced for what they are.

Prior to meditation I can say that everything wasn't as "high-definition" as it has all become since I took up the practice. I wouldn't have experienced all these secondary "enlightenments" if I hadn't practiced the first enlightenment.

I'm curious how others see this question of "why get up?" Or if people see zazen as enlightenment, or first enlightenment or what not?

Thank you all for your time
Hope this finds you well.