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    An Enso

    The first one I've done that I've liked.

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    Re: An Enso

    Thanks for sharing your work!
    Enso is one of my favorite images to have brushed on a scroll! Beautiful in it's simplicity of form but rich in meaning. Truly a work to be contemplated over. I've never tried brushing this symbol but I would imagine the practice to truly reflect how it appears, deep and introspective!
    Cool, I didn't know you studied Japanese calligraphy Amelia?!


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    Re: An Enso

    Splendid! Are you using ink or watercolor? And is that rice paper or something else?

    P.s. all your enso's are lovely just as they are :wink:


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    Re: An Enso

    Thank you Amelia,
    I like it too!

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    Re: An Enso

    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia
    The first one I've done that I've liked.
    Can we see the ones you didn't like?


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    Re: An Enso

    Wow! Amelia!

    This Enso is beautiful. I wonder how are the ones you didn't like...

    Thank you for sharing!

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    Re: An Enso

    Really nice!



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    Re: An Enso

    That's really cool!

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