I am attempting to cultivate my ties to Treeleaf, something I've made more difficult than need be for a while now (but sometimes complicating my life is just what I do, so I'm not having a panic attack over it).

Fear of my tendency toward pride in intellectualism tends to interfere with my forum participation, although I'm working on it (slowly).

But on some consideration, I've thought of little things I can do that are meaningful and should help. For example, I've never found a satisfactory way to maintain a copy of the chant book, so I've been working on crafting one by hand. Good ol' pencil on unlined paper, like when I was a kid. It speaks to me.

Having crafted my zafu and zabuton by hand, I know that this sort of effort can continue to touch me as I sit even after years of use.

I confess to feeling intimidated by the prospect of sewing a proper rakusu, but maybe a scary undertaking like that could be incorporated in small chunks into daily practice.

Just sharing some of what's on my mind at the moment. Maybe some bit of it will resonate with someone else out there.