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I think that understanding shikantaza is very difficult at first. Shikantaza is not a method, and REALLY, there is no goal. Shikantaza is not a kensho-attainment method. I think that a lot of people have a hard time groking that. Ironically, dropping all ideas of attainment, IMHO, makes kensho much more likely, but it doesn't matter since if you are truly practicing shikantaza, you are basically practicing what kensho IS. Kensho is really just a dramatic validation of the principles of shikantaza, but shikantaza is itself the practice of enlightenment. It is radical non-attainment.


Hey Chet,

Wow, you sound like me! 8) Sounds like I finally got to you, and the brainwashing has been a success!

Yes, thus a moment of Zazen is a moment of Buddha ... Zazen is Enlightenment Realized!

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