Hey Guys,

And so we reach the end of the Soto Lineage ... at least, up until Master Dogen's successor, Master Ejo (a fellow best know as the scribe and editor for most of Master Dogen's writings). Ejo was a fellow who, in the description by Master Keizan, understood many things and was deeply awakened yet ... upon meeting Master Dogen ... "realized that there was something beyond his own truth and quite different". What might that be? I do not mean to 'split hairs'.

In any event, now that we have come to the end of the line (up to Master Ejo, for in Truth, the line goes on and on and never ends!), I would be interested in hearing folks' overall impression of these stories, the importance of Lineage and the like.

We will begin our next book, "Zen Seeds", by Shundo Aoyama Roshi, the female Abbot of the Aichi Womens' Monastery. That will start Friday July 15th. Fugen will soon post the schedule of who is responsible for which chapters, and I believe I am first up.

Cook at 266
Hixon at 249

Gassho, Jundo