I have read through (though not watched all of the videos in) the series of talks for new folks, being new folk in every sense of the term. I was compelled by this recommendation by Jundo:

[O]nce in awhile, maybe every two or three weeks or so, I recommend you sit Zazen in a truly disturbing place. Today, I am sitting Zazen in one of the busiest, brightest, noisiest parts of downtown Tokyo to make the point that the true quiet room is within us as much as out. In fact, if we always need a calm and tranquil environment in order to reach the balance, stillness, ease, and freedom of this practice, then I believe Zazen loses much of its power. It is right at the eye of the storm that one can know stillness, and in the middle of chaos that we can taste peace.

So, for that reason, I hope everyone will sit, once in awhile, in a truly disturbing, disagreeable, ugly, noisy, smelly, busy, and distracting place. In a stinking garbage dump, next to a construction site with jackhammers pounding, at an Ozzy Osbourne concert, in a game room, while crushed in a crowded city bus or parked in a parking lot off a busy highway.
I thought of this post this morning. I usually sit early in the morning before the house rouses, but today I was sitting quite a bit later than usual, while my two daughters and wife were up and about. I don't mean to suggest that my everyday life is "truly disturbing!" However, finding "balance, stillness, ease and freedom" were a greater challenge among the dropped cereal bowls, cell phone ring tones, and chatter about who had or hadn't fed the dog.

The experience made me eager to give zazen in a truly disturbing place a go -- and wonder whether y'all have yourselves. Where? What was it like?