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Thread: The net of Indra

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    The net of Indra

    I found this and I had to share it with all of you. I also had to post it here for it represents also what we do in Treeleaf, without an inch of Buddhism it is one of the most Buddhist thing I have seen, a singing expression of the Dharma:

    [youtube] [/youtube]



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    Re: The net of Indra

    Thank you for posting this video. This is simply amazing. I was upset about a bad grade I got in one of my classes, but watching this video cheered me up. It is amazing to see so many people work together to accomplish something so beautiful.


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    Re: The net of Indra

    The Dharma expresses itself in everything, but rarely so beautiful, so moving,
    thank you _()_

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    Re: The net of Indra

    That is sooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool

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    Re: The net of Indra




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    Re: The net of Indra

    I hope our zazenkai sound as good!

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    Re: The net of Indra

    Thank you for posting that Taigu, I love Witacre's music anyway but the second testamonial really sums up the Treeleaf experience;
    "Aside from the beautiful music, it's great to know I'm part of a worldwide community of people I never met before, but who are connected anyway"


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    Re: The net of Indra

    Eric Whitacre is fairly well known in the choral world, but this ground-breaking work is like nothing else ever done. In some ways it is exactly what choirs have been doing for centuries: folks singing together to create a working whole. In others, it is unheard of to have performers separated by thousands of miles, each working in isolation, to sing their part.
    Exactly what we do at treeleaf. We sit and talk of the dharma and our practice. Nothing new there. But technology allows us to do this further apart from one another than in Dogen's day. Cutting edge while also same practice as the ancients.

    I've always felt that any good musical ensemble is a metaphor for Indra's Net. Every link affects every other, and so on.

    Thanks for the link, Taigu.

    I highly recommend TED site anyway. It's chock-full of great stuff most of the time.


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    Re: The net of Indra

    What an amazing project! It really demonstrates the collective beauty we share when we experience realtiy as one together!

    Eika wrote:
    Exactly what we do at treeleaf.
    I thought the same thing!


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    Re: The net of Indra

    Deeply moved by this. This is Treeleaf.

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