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Thread: Zen polyphony

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    Zen polyphony

    A real strange discovery..

    Sandokai is a work written by a composer who happens to be also a Zen priest and has composed pieces based on Renaissance polyphony using Dogen's texts...Click on sandokai and select the piece you would like to listen to.



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    Re: Zen polyphony

    Wow :shock:
    That is not a common thing... but what a great idea and practice... far beyond cultures, religions, ... very nice indeed!
    And Antwerpen (Anvers) is a lovely city... maybe I'll go listen to it... but I havn't seen new dates on their schedule...

    Anyway, thank you for sharing Taigu,


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    Re: Zen polyphony

    Okay THAT is cool! (er well you know ) Also noticed the playlist include the robe verse too Now I know i can not chant like that :lol:

    Can only get the cd via bank transfer may have to see about it

    Thank you for sharing!


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    Re: Zen polyphony


    Now those are some really interesting sounds to listen to. Far beyond cultures indeed.

    I just listened to all the samples and it's just amazing.

    I have always liked the original sound of sutras and chanting, but this is a whole new approach.

    Thank you very much, Taugu-san.

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    Re: Zen polyphony

    Thanks for posting the link.

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    Re: Zen polyphony

    Wow, this was hanutingly beautiful! I immediatly got goosebumps when I listened to it. Thank you Taigu Sensei for sharing this unique treasure!


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    Re: Zen polyphony

    That is so good. Thank you for posting.


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