What did the Buddhist monk say to the hotdogvendor?
- Make me one with nothing!

What did the hotdogvendor say to the buddhistmonk when he asked for some money back?
-Change must come from within!

As all things will change so will the Treeleaf Bookclub.
With our next bookclubbook we will try something new, and let you do something more for a change.

We will let you run a week each, posting about three stories, much like the priests of Treeleaf has been doing this bookclubbook, making it more of an communal sanghaproject.

So, if you feel up to it and want to try it out, please pm me or post something in the thread over at the bookclubsection (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3837).

Fugen, Treeleaf Librarian

Ps. Yes, it has been posted all over the place, but as there is no place except here, since there is where you're not, so... :lol: ds.