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Thread: Zen in Brasil

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    Zen in Brasil

    Does anybody know any Zen groups practicing in Brasil,
    other then ? Any teaches ? Anybody at
    treeleaf from Brasil ?

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    Re: Zen in Brasil

    Plenty of zen soto in Brazil coming in all sorts of favour...
    I am sure some treeleafers will be ale to help...



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    Re: Zen in Brasil

    Many of my Brazilian wife's friends are of Japanese descent and when we were living in Japan many of these 'nisei' or second generation Japanese were living nearby.
    Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside Japan and a large Soto presence.
    Here's some reading;

    Hope this is a start.
    Just out of curiosity...why are you interested Peter?

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    Re: Zen in Brasil

    Thanks Nigel,
    looks like a very good start; I got in touch with someone from Brasil
    and he was if I had any info on Zen in Brasil, so I kind of forwarded
    his question.

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