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    Right thought

    I hope you don't mind me posting all these posts. I don't have a journel or a blog, so I post stuff here.


    Right thought

    Right thought is not "he's a jack ass"

    Right thought is not "I suck"

    Right thought is "May all biengs be happy (including you) may they be peaceful, may they be free)

    Right thought is not thinking that you "must" have right thought "or else". Be gentle with your self.

    It can be a crazy practice.

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    Re: Right thought

    from yout post I read

    Right thought is compassionate thought,

    this sounds very uncrazy to me

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    Re: Right thought

    If we define "crazy" as thinking/behaving in a manner against the mainstream or majority behavior, then sadly perhaps compassionate thought is crazy thought.

    I have the "you suck" thoughts often.. and feel like if I don't live up to a standard, whether dogmatically, socially or otherwise self-imposed, then I'm a failure.. and that has an amazing ability to sap you of energy and initiative. When others do "stupid things" then I'm also inclined to the what a "jack-ass" stream of thinking.. which supplies itself with energy and initiative, but not of the right thought kind..

    On the other hand, crazy could be "intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with" then too I'd like to be crazy when it comes to right thought. Though really, I think Will just used 'crazy' as modern day lingo for 'quite an experience'.. but as long we're not talking about idiot compassion or foolhardiness, here's to some crazy thought! : P

    _/_ Nate

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    Re: Right thought

    Maybe I wasn't clear. Oh well. "Crazy" as in: We are crazy, not that practice is crazy. If we push too much, our practice can become quite hard and unjoyful. Meaning that we push our body and mind to extremes without taking a step back (I like to use that term. Perhaps it's related to the big book of stopping and looking). Sometimes we need to slow down, and take care of "ourselves" aswell.


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    Re: Right thought

    Will, I found your thought to become compassionate towards ourselves particularly important as it makes clear we're part of "it" and compassion is for "all of it", in my belief. Thats what i meant with "uncrazy".

    Thanks Nate, pointing out that we are crazy in being different from society (and how much energy this can demand) was an eye-opener to me.


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