Words, words, everywhere words. I've got words in "my" head. I've got words on the phone. I've got words before bed, and I've got words in monotone.

"You" know when your uptight. "You" know when your ass is sore. "You" know when you need a drink ...(of water that is). "You" know when it's time for bed. "You" know when it's time to talk. "You" know.

That's right. Odd isn't it? There's nothing a teacher can give you or tell you, that you don't already know. A swift kick in the pants isn't always the best road. Especially when our pants have holes in them from bieng kick a few too many times "Ouch!" But seriously...Ahem. There's "no-fooling-you".

Now that that's over, we can get back to work.


Oh and btw, There are many things teacher can give you. For example, he could give you a chocolate cake on your birthday. However, it might also be followed by a swift kick in the pants

You never know.

Gassho _/_