Hello friends,

Today, I was in a particularly foul mood; sleep deprived, out of food, not even knowing where my work clothes are (we're moving, and not yet unpacked). It occurs to me, while at an absolute level everything is whole, complete, and not in need of changing, at a relative level, Fudo faced Sajun ( :evil: ) may not be what my wife, co-workers, and general passersby want to be faced with. As such, after my morning sit, I found it helpful to reflect on all of this "I making and My making," (I am grumpy. This situation is ruining my day from the get-go), and just note that "there is anger. I am not anger. There is frustration, I am not frustration."

Perhaps it's just me, but just thinking this way forces my mind to let go of whatever nasty state it has found its way into. It allows a little "breathing room" to make the conscious decision to either carry on or let go.

We have been led by
Form to
Feeling to
Perception to
Formation to
For untold time.
Wandering on.

We can be led by
Faith to
Effort to
Mindfulness to
Concentration to
Right now.
Letting go.



P.S. Has anyone here just taken the time to breathe a few breaths, and just sit in that spaciousness? Some days, for me, it's more restful than sleep, more filling than food.

Aaah. Nice.