So this morning I received a message from Jundo asking to post an Avatar. So this is what I posted:

Very serious. This is the "I don't give a crap who you are face". Infact, I had just finished class when posting that, and was not in a "great" mood. Class gets me a little tight because I have to make sure everyone is doing their homework, studying correctly, and so on. Anyway,

Then I posted this one (number 2):

"Hey. Look at me, I'm crazy Zen guy. Light hearted and crazy fool. hahahaha.

Then there is my current one ------>

Chilli's cooking. One sec...

Had to stir it.

So, the third one, is Ahhh...Breathe. (I Just got back from picking up a thing at the store and just sat down for a second.)

There were also a couple more, but I didn't post them: deep zen dude Avalokite?vara Boddhisatva

No one told you practice will be easy. Nor will it always be perfect or great. There might be moments where you feel like absolute , can I say "shit"? But that's why it's practice. Day in , day out. Study the self. Drop the self, and so on. Most everything is a koan. From what we think of tooth paste, to what we think of the current situation in (insert country continent here). To how we post pictures, and whether or not the internet is cooperating. The easy path. Yep. Of course it is. (when it's easy