Hi All,

I would like to announce our next book selection for the Treeleaf "Beyond Words & Letters" Book Club ...

ZEN SEEDS, REFLECTIONS OF A FEMALE PRIEST, a series of essays by Shundo Aoyama Roshi.

http://www.amazon.com/Zen-Seeds-Reflect ... 4333014786

Shundo Aoyama is well known in Japan as a writer and lecturer on Buddhism. She is the chief priest of the temple Muryo-ji and Abbess of one of the major (and one of the few) training monasteries for female Soto Zen priests (Aichi Senmon Nisodo), and a student of Kodo Sawaki Roshi and Uchiyama Roshi.

The book is described this way ...

A female Soto Zen priest writes in plain words about the seeds of enlightenment to be found in everyday life. In this fascinating collection of essays she explains in a clear, engaging style the nature of true happiness, beauty that springs naturally from a compassionate heart, and the joy we can find in life. Combining personal experiences and a knowledge of Buddhist sacred texts, the author makes Buddhist philosophy accessible to everyone. The result is a truly practical and illuminating guide.

I thank Richard (Shokai) for reminding me of the book a few weeks ago. I am thinking that Aoyama Roshi's voice will be good to follow the "All Boy's Club" of the traditionally male-male Lineage we are now reading in Hixon & Cook, plus the essays in Zen Seeds are very much more modern and "down to earth" than the wild old myths and stories recounted by Master Keizan. I think many folks will appreciate Aoyama Roshi's common sense approach and lovely heart.


If you would like to see a little video about Aoyama Roshi's life and work at her monastery, here it is (soundtrack in French and Japanese) ...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xg70tq ... 2-2_webcam

Gassho, J