I was attacked a week ago coming off of work by people trying to get RX from me. After telling them I don't write RX and am not an MD they proceeded to beat me, leaving me with 4 cracked ribs fractured jaw and torn meniscus and cracked patella. I tried to lay down and meditate but with norcos they gave me I was so out of it and I kept thinking I was having all these sattori experiences and I was in Kensho. I decided to use the time to try sewing practice and it has had a real positive effect. I am working on a Rakusu and then hope to try a Kesa to replace my 15 year old worn chan kesa. Through this practice I have begun to empathize with Dogens thoughts on the kesa. Each stitch showing when I am mindful and when I am not and the pattern itself linking me with others in this chain of transmission back to the Buddha. I will try and post more when I am feeling better.
Cheers and Gasho,