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    Hey y'all, I was going to post this in the Rakusu Forum but I think new threads are closed over there. I was reading about the zagu on Shohei's blog & Ms. Tomoe's manual. I think I'm clear on its function, but not necessarily when one would use it. I'm pondering sewing one, but my practical side wants to know more information :P


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    Hiya Shujin!
    Since its use is to keep your robes mostly off the ground when bowing, Its used when prostrating, kneeling and to sit on too (on your zafu even). I am still learning proper use etc for the zagu so I may be corrected but this is when you would use one. hope that helps!


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    In the most Basic context a zagu is a priests bowing mat. The weaved mat in front of the altar is also a zagu, typically a priest carries inside his roes around his rist. Im not sure the difference between the large and small but im under the impression they are about the same about the same.

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    A zagu is required when you wear and use a kesa. Would you be priest or lay folks. It prevent the kesa from being soiled, touching the ground and provides a sitting mat. It is also used in denpo, the transmission ceremony, in which the zagu of the teacher and the zagu of the student touch each other to symbolize the merging of minds.



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    Thanks for the help, guys


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