Hello everyone,

I'm currently reading Meditation Now Or Never by Steve Hagen. He speaks about zazen being pointless. He doesn't mean that we shouldn't practice zazen, he means that if we are looking for some sort of benefit, or reward, then it would be pointless. I found this a very interesting view and I wanted to know your thoughts. I often find that my ego wants to this practice to have some end point. Some sort of finish line with a banner that reads, "Welcome to enlightenment." I think this is human nature, but I found that the more I sit, the less this thought plagues my mind. After all, there is nothing "out there" to achieve in this practice. Enlightenment isn't something we can grasp; Nirvana isn't a place. To sit is enlightenment; to smile is nirvana. Each time that my ego expects something from this practice, I come back to this moment. I try to focus on what I'm currently doing because zazen isn't practiced only on the cushion. Thank you for your time.