Hi everyone,

Often i've read that maintaining a set zazen schedule is very important, and I agree! I sit twice daily, once in the morning/early afternoon and once before bed (which sometimes is the late late late evening!). But how rigid is too rigid or not rigid enough?

My thoughts are that a set schedule is good, it forces us to practice regardless of how we're feeling. Zazen at 9:00 AM means zazen at 9:00 AM. Sleepy? Sit with it. That sort of thing. But I can also see how this could be an issue if we end up getting attached to that time. Suddenly 9:00 AM becomes some holy hour where nothing else could possibly interrupt us. If something/someone does we feel as though we are being robbed of our zazen time. I believe the teaching of the lute, neither too tight nor too loose is a good mentality here. What are your thoughts?

A sleepy student who managed to sleep through both of his "Zazen time!" alarms