Hi All,

So I thought I'd bring to the forum a question on koan study. I know that in zazen we focus on shikantaza. However, in your travels I am certain everyone must come across some level of koans...even if they are not from formal sources such as The Gateless Gate but just simply life. My question comes on how they are applied to y/our practice?

When I sit, I simply sit. But when I encounter a koan (be from dharma talks or books) I'm not certain on what to do with it. I understand that they are meant to short-circuit the intellectual process, but at which point would you 'focus' on a koan if not in zazen? Sometimes I will stop and think about them after reading a chapter of a book or hearing a podcast, but then, as I understand it, I am missing the point as I'm using my logic and intellect to attempt to realize something that is seemingly paradoxical.

Of course, maybe we simply ignore koans altogether as unnecessary...either way, I would love to hear how others approach this topic and what they do, if anything with it.