I was thinking about how we view the past, i considered dogen and how we only know him in the context of his recorded religious thought and interpretation.But what about all the other sides of these beings, same with the koans reflecting other masters, we will never know all the other sides too the picture.One could use mahayana rhetoric to make this inquiry useless but im actually looking for some thought maybe.. Also i think a lot about all the other people who succeeded Dogen. In my lineage and what i observed in others is Dogen is pretty much the only master really referenced too even when quoting other masters like keizan its simply there comments on Dogens writing.Dogen was a sound spiritual master but didn't these others successors transmit the dharma also? In the rinzai tradition they same to reference many masters for their own unique teachings and this may because of koan practice....I'm just thinking and this is an interesting part of soto.When i think of soto i think of zazen and dogen and thats the lay of the land...Also does anyone know if their is any physical evidence of dogens body or family or something like that...I'm just curious...Don't get me wrong Dogen has shed light to my practice experience over and over again. Anyways i thought this might be a good topic to inquire into.