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Thread: The world is virtual, this sangha is real

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    Love it!

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    s@t today.

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    The development of the next generation computers looks promising if the technology can come forth to give accurate representation of color and shape. From what I see this technology in truly in it's infancy. Current color and shape of photographs surpasses what I see on sheets of paper, and as a photographer, I wonder at the current quality of this new device.

    Tai Shi
    The reason we are foolish enough to make ourselves suffer and make the other person suffer is that we forget that we and the other person are impermanent. Someday when we die, we will lose all our possessions, our power, our family, everything. Our freedom, peace, and joy in the present moment is the most important thing we have. But without an awakened understanding of impermanence, it is not possible to be happy. Thich Nhat Hanh, The Tiger Within. p 119.

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    Thanks for sharing...

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