Ok, I think Alan is right, on a number of things. I should simply act. So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to start a public sitting project, starting in the Spring time frame. If anyone wants to join me, then please PM me or email me or leave a message here in this thread. If I don't have anyone who wants to sit, then I will pick a cause and I will develope a flier that talks about the cause and what people can do to help. I will not collect any money. I will send it to Jundo and Taigu for approval, and for whether or not they want Treeleaf listed anywhere on it, but either way, I'd like their opinion.

If people do want to join me, then we'll all discuss these things, assign tasks to those with the time, means, and talent to complete, and one the designated day or days, we will sit. Any other particulars can be worked out with those who wish to participate, and if you don't want to sit, I'd still like any opinions on materials we use, dates or locations we choose, help in researching to make sure charities and organizations we list won't rob the people who contribute money to them blind, etc.

I will post a date that I will sit, or if there are others, a schedule of when we will sit, and generally keep the sangha updated on what happens with the project.

This is, of course, all pending Jundo and Taigu's approval.