Not the club book, I know... just didn't know where else to put this one. I'm a cook by trade, and cook for the patients and staff at a local in-patient rehabilitation center. Most of our patients have either had awful accidents or massive strokes. I have to cook a variety of foods aimed at meeting a variety of medically ordered diets, and still am required to provide not only nutritious but delicious foods. We may be the only "hospital food" in the area that offers things like seafood newburgh, tomato bisque, and shrimp scampi... all from scratch.
Anyway, I have read, "Tenzo Kyokun" several times now, and recently finished Bernie Glassman's treatise on it, "Instructions to the Cook," which clarifies (crystaize) that the "Tenzo Kyokun" , while offering perfect instruction to the temple cook, (Tenzo,) has much, much more to do with real life, daily life, LIFE outside one's own noggin. I'm going to read it again. and again and again and again.