Hellos to all new folks practicing
to all old folks practicing newly
to all practical folks renewing practice:

please enjoy.

Enjoy not knowing all the stuff. Enjoy asking the question(s). Enjoy holding the question(s) unasked. Enjoy not knowing. Enjoy not knowing not knowing. Enjoy not enjoying. Enjoy enjoying.

I have a woolen scarf made from a beginning spinner's wool. In homespun wool, when you first learn to spin it is hard to master uniform thickness of the strand of wool. Beginning spinners have a characteristic thick-to-thin variation in the wool. Over time, as they become more adept, the thickness of the strand of wool spun is more uniform. Once control of the thickness of the strand of wool being spun is mastered, a beginner can't reduplicate 'beginner spinner's' wool again.

Spinning is difficult to learn in the beginning: but the highest price is paid for beginner spinner's spun wool.

Sitting on the cushion, beginning sitter's mind; now thick now thin--beginning sitter's mind, priceless.